GEC Student Work

Inheritance and Update of Chinese Traditional Windows in Landscape Architecture

Abstract: Chinese Architecture has a long history, which makes Chinese buildings more than shelters. Chinese traditional windows are just like buildings, having more meaningful contents. They have very high cultural and artistic significance. However, nowadays, when the word “window” is mentioned, most people regard it as a structure used for letting in the natural light. Chinese traditional windows are gradually replaced by modern windows, especially after the 1980s, for traditional windows are somehow not satisfied with the demands of modern life. After the reform and opening, China has learned the technology of modern windows made of aluminum alloy from Europe, the United States, Japan, and other developed countries. As a result, the cultural connation of Chinese traditional windows art in landscape architecture is disappearing. To inherit traditional Chinese windows in landscape architecture, Chinese architects need to update traditional Chinese windows by using modern materials, techniques, and methods. The first part of this article discusses the main physical elements of traditional Chinese windows of landscape architecture. The second part of this article discusses the cultural connotation of Chinese traditional windows art of landscape architecture. The last part of this article discusses how to use new materials and technology to retain and update some parts of traditional windows that are of great significance in Chinese traditional windows art of landscape architecture. And there are three main approaches. Firstly, use WPC to replace traditional wood, which has better properties and keeps the feelings and cultural connation brought by wood. Secondly, use fewer materials and simple shapes to simplify traditional windows bars to make them suitable for modern life. Thirdly, rethink the design of windows and design the windows and the landscape as a whole. In the future, the new Chinese windows of landscape architecture will be popular all over the country again.