GEC Student Work

The Production and Reception of the Two Adapted Versions of Manhunt

Abstract: Japanese hard-romantic detective novelist Juko Nishimura’s representative work, Manhunt (Kimiyo funnu no kawa wo watare), was adapted twice in history: Junya Sato’s You Must Cross the River of Wrath/Manhunt in 1976 and John Woo’s Manhunt in 2017. This article analyzes the differences between the two films based on filmmaking skills and text analysis and compares the reception of the two films in terms of box office and criticism from a cross-cultural perspective. It finds out that the 1976 Japanese version, which faithfully respects the dominant role of the novel author in the story, brings great Japanese cultural power to China, while the 2017 version, a multinational co-produced film that embodies the film director’s authorship, fails to achieve cross-cultural reception. Thus, the article is useful to provide a reference for the cross-cultural adaptation of classic literary works.