Teacher and Blackboard
GEC Teaching Team

Passionate & Dedicated Instructors

In China, GEC is especially famous for its outstanding team of teachers. Currently, we are working with more than 200 professors, approximately 150 young scholars and researchers, and almost 500 PhDs/PhD candidates who live, study, and teach from all around the world. 

Most of our leading instructors are distinguished professors from major universities across the world. They have tremendous talent and expertise; also, they are renowned leaders in their fields and extraordinary teachers. Our Mentors and TAs are also amazing individuals who asisst the professor with instructional support for whom GEC can serve as a precious platform to meet top scholars in a particular field and improve their teaching skills.   

Most GEC programs are taught by a team working closely together. A typical team for Path Programs comprises:


  1. a Professor who is responsible for developing the course syllabus and providing the main content instruction through lectures or other presentations;

  2. a Mentor, who is usually a junior researcher/PhD/PhD candidate/advanced graduate student recruited by the Professor or by GEC, who runs the discussion sessions and oversees student research

  3. One or more TAs, who are Chinese-speaking graduate students or senior undergraduate students recruited by GEC who attend class sessions, monitor class attendance and participation, and hold a 60-min online office hour each week where they can help students with language and/or content-based problems;

  4. a Program Coordinator from GEC who deals with any administrative or technical issues.