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Chinese Minister of Education stresses the importance of universities for sustainable and inclusive development 

The Chinese Minister of Education delivered a video address to the ongoing 13th Cuban International Conference on Higher Education on the 9th, emphasizing the importance of universities for sustainable and inclusive development. In order to meet the needs of the new situation and cope with the challenges of the pandemic, Chinese colleges and universities have accelerated the development of education informatization and digitalization and intensified efforts to develop online education and teaching resources. The number of MOOCs has exceeded 47,500, and the number of students has reached 755 million. China has signed agreements on mutual recognition of higher education degrees with Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru, and signed cooperation agreements in the fields of culture and education with 19 Latin American countries, including Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador.


The Cuban International Congress of Higher Education has been held every two years since 1998. The conference was organized by the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education and was held from February 7 to 11 in a combination of online and offline methods.