The Smart Education Platform of the National Vocational Education provides more than 178,000 Courses

On March 29th, the Ministry of Education in China held a press conference and Ziji Chen, the director of the Department of Vocational and Adult Education of the Ministry of Education, introduced the progress in the construction and application of the Smart Education Platform of the National Vocational Education. Up to now, the platform has more than 178,000 courses created by teachers, providing the possibility for “large-scale personalized” training of technical and skilled talents. “The continuous iteration and upgrading of new technologies have put forward higher requirements for the system and capacity of modernization governance on vocational education”, Chen also pointed out that the launch of the platform has revolutionized the traditional governance model, evaluation model, and school model.

The platform consists of four sections, which are the Major and Curriculum Service Center, the Teaching Material Resource Center, the Virtual Simulation Training Center, and the Teacher Service Center. The Major and Curriculum Service Center was officially launched on March 28th, and the development and release of other centers will be completed by the end of June this year.

The current “Major and Curriculum Service Center” module mainly includes three parts, which are the resource library, fine-designed courses, and open virtual courses. Among them, the resource library is categorized into a wide variety of different fields and provides a complete system of curriculum resources and learning packages for all kinds of learners and teachers. Teachers can select and edit the resources provided to design customized courses that meet their needs and requirements. The fine-designed courses module covers all major fields and brings together high-quality MOOC courses in the field of vocational education for teachers and students. The open virtual courses are built on the national award-winning programs of vocational education, specifically designed for vocational colleges.

According to Ziji Chen, the Ministry of Education will accelerate the process of digitalization, reassure the implementation of tasks, and maintain a focus on building “a co-construction and sharing platform for high-quality vocational education resources, a platform for students to learn and communicate, and a platform for teachers to teach and exchange on lesson preparations”, and successively launch other three centers.