Letter on Reply to Proposal No. 4271 (Education No. 437) of the Fourth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

In its reply, the Ministry of Education proposed four reforms:


1. Improve the integration mechanism of online and offline education and promote education and teaching reform. It aims to promote education equality, encourage universities to develop online education systems, and build a mix of online and offline teaching models.

2. Promote the construction of new educational infrastructure and share high-quality educational resources. It aims to promote new education infrastructure, improve the national public service system for digital education resources, and establish international education institutions suitable to the Chinese characteristics.


3. Explore a new model of home-school linkage education, and promote home-school collaborative education. It aims to establish China Family Education Network to promote online co-education between home and school, guide parents to master the scientific concept of family education.


4. Explore the establishment and improvement of multiple comprehensive evaluation methods, and strengthen the supervision of education quality. It aims to use modern information technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to evaluate students in all grades, establish a national data platform for higher education quality monitoring, and dynamically monitor undergraduate talents’ training, professional construction, curriculum construction, and education quality in colleges and universities.