Issuance of the “Interdisciplinary Setting and Management Measures (for Trial Implementation)”

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Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice from the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council on the issuance of the “Interdisciplinary Setting and Management Measures (for Trial Implementation).” At present, academia’s understanding of the concept and connotation of interdisciplinary is not unified, and the public’s recognition of it is not high enough. It is urgent to strengthen guidance further. Based on the current situation, the “management method” clearly defines the connotation of interdisciplinary studies for the first time. Interdisciplinary study is based on combining different majors, through deep integration, creating a series of new concepts, theories, and methods, showing a new epistemology, constructing a new knowledge structure, and forming a new and richer knowledge category. The “management method” adheres to high standards and will first establish pilot projects and then include these newly created majors into certified catalogs. The schools have a certain autonomy in creating these pilot projects and finding new paths to cultivating interdisciplinary talents. The announcement also clarified the strict standard and requirements of including these new subjects and created an exit mechanism for outdated interdisciplinary studies.