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Further Open Up High-Level Education in China

On February 8th, the Ministry of Education issued its priorities for 2022. China will continue to promote the opening-up of its high-level education as one of the key tasks.

According to the Ministry of Education, China will strengthen cooperation with other countries through promoting the high-quality development of the Education Action Plan for the Belt and Road Initiative and enforcing cooperation with ASEAN countries in vocational education and mutual recognition of academic qualifications. The country will also further reform the system and mechanism for providing government-funded students to study abroad, deepen internationally competitive education for overseas students, and strengthen the supervision and management of of foreign teachers.

Furthermore, the ministry will supply superior basic education resources from the mainland to administer schools in Hong Kong, study coordinated education improvement across the Taiwan Straits, and set the scene for educational exchange between the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. The ministry will increase its efforts to improve the pilot development of Chinese schools overseas and boost collaboration with international organizations such as UNESCO.