Recap of April Faculty Meeting (2021)  

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

As one of teacher professional development initiatives, a faculty seminar on online teaching at GEC was successfully conducted on 22 April 2021. More than 30 faculties and mentors have joined us for an active and happy evening (morning). The goal of this 1-hour workshop is to offer our more experienced faculty an opportunity to express their views and teaching experiences at GEC and those who have just started their teaching journey at GEC a chance to gain support and advice, thus promoting the atmosphere of sharing good practices for learning and teaching enhancement to enrich teachers’ knowledge on developing an active and enjoyable GEC program. We are very honored to have two faculty and two mentors who have been teaching GEC students for a long period of time to agree to share their experiences in teaching at GEC, as well as their thoughts on online teaching and recommendations for teaching GEC students. A few topics have been discussed, namely:

1) GEC Teaching Philosophy
2) Online Teaching Strategies
3) Teaching Effectiveness
4) Observations of What Works and What Doesn’t Work for Teaching GEC Students
5) Online Teaching Technology
6) Recommendations for Teaching GEC Students
7) Suggestions for GEC Development

The workshop was quite fruitful. Our speaking guests shared their personal experiences and exchanged inspiring conversations. At the end of the workshop, Mentor Saha asked an interesting question that, we believe, is a common virtual teaching challenge encountered by many instructors: How to tackle the challenge that the online learning environment lacks the visual cues that instructors often rely on in the face-to-face classroom? Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time left for Saha to present his slides, which, however, shows that many of our GEC faculty and mentors are very interested in this discussion. 


To follow up with the successful start of our instructor teaching techniques workshop series, and to make up for the in-depth discussion that we did not have time for, we decide to host the second workshop of the series in June. One of the biggest changes we made for our programs this year is that we added two project discussion sessions in week 5 and 6 for professors to give more hands-on instruction to our students' final projects, with the expectation to cultivate a more engaging and friendly environment for our students as well as professors. So far, most professors have either finished or in the middle of the newly designed discussion sessions with at least one cohort of students. We are looking forward to an active meeting to hear from each of GEC instructor on: how did you design the sessions? What has gone well? What are some of the challenges you faced? How would you change the sessions to make best use of the two sessions?

Image by Ian Schneider