Latest News of China - Quarantine Times Reduced from 14 +7 to 7 + 3 Days for All of China


The Beijinger

By Vincent R. Vinci, Managing Editor

Published: Jun 28, 2022 4:56 pm

China's State Council has released guidelines that will reduce quarantine and at-home monitoring times for Covid across the board, as well as changes for risk area definitions, according to a report from CCTV News.


Times will be changed from 14 days centralized quarantine and seven days at-home monitoring to seven days centralized quarantine and three days at-home monitoring for individuals entering China and close contacts. Quarantine requirements for secondary contacts of infected individuals will also be updated, from seven days centralized quarantine to seven days at-home monitoring.


The new requirements are basically shortening quarantine times for people entering China and close contacts – from 14 days quarantine and seven days home monitoring and seven days centralized quarantine, respectively.


As for changes to risk areas, high risk areas that go seven days without new cases will be reduced to medium risk and medium risk areas with no new cases for three days will be reduced to low risk.


What’s more, individuals who have traveled to high risk areas within a period of seven days, will be required to quarantine at a centralized location for seven days. Those who have traveled to medium risk areas, on the other hand, will be required to self-isolate at home for seven days.


As for those who have traveled to low risk areas, they will simply need to take two nucleic acid tests within three days.


We reached out to 12345 to find out when the new requirements would be implemented, but they told us their system has not yet been updated.


The report continues that the new times are in response to a lack of severity for Omicron cases while still attempting to maintain the current zero Covid policy in light of the variant’s transmissibility.