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Wendy Niu - IPQ Supervisor & GEC Program Coordinator

In November 2021, we invited one of most popular IPQ Supervisors and Program Coordinators at GEC, Wendy Niu, to share her thoughts about teaching IPQ.

Wendy Niu - IPQ Supervisor & GEC Program Coordinator

I learned a lot and matured in the past year since becoming the supervisor. While teaching, I also learned a lot in the process. Knowing is one thing; delivering to students is another. Students enhanced their abilities in project management, time planning, writing and a lot more. Being a supervisor, I also gained experience and improved my ability to teach. Here, I would like to share some of the key areas that other supervisors might find useful during teaching.

1) Select a topic. A good beginning is half the battle. It is essential that students form a feasible and suitable topic at the beginning, and the supervisor should pay strong attention to it. The topic must be achievable within the timescale and word limit and the boundary of the student’s ability. 2) Search for literature. Search, read, sort and analyze literature are critical steps to a successful paper. If students do not read a large amount of literature, it will be challenging to write meaningful discussions. 3) Plan the project. In order to complete the IPQ project smoothly, students must have a detailed and thorough plan. Time management is a difficult task for many students. Rigorous planning, regular and timely monitoring are key to success.

These are some of the points I think are essential to a successful IPQ project. Yet, I also have a lot to learn on how to teach students and understand IPQ better.

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