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Student Story

"It's not simply a scientifc researching experience, rather, for me, it's life-changing." - L 

Image by Emily Karakis

Q: From Food Quality and Safety to Public Health, what contributed to this change?

First of all, Public Health is a subfield of General health, and it is actually very closely related to food science; secondly, frankly speaking, food quality and safety is rather a small branch, that would limit my choices of prorams. I guess the ultimate reason is increasing interest in Public Health. Covid-19 really makes me wonder what I could do in

the future for public health. 

Q: How did you prepare for the application?

I have done some research about food science in the laboratory. Later, when I decided to apply for Public Health program, I also did some volunteers, including Internship at the disease control center.  But in terms of scientific research relevant to Public Health, I honestly had no experience before joining the GEC program. I feel very lucky that I encountered this opportunity of doing research under guidance of my briliant instructors." The teaching method of GEC Online Group Research is still very different from the domestic teaching method. Since I didn't have much background knowledge of Public Health, that is not my major at college, I was stressful before the program started. I needed to work extra hard to catch up, for example, I read all the materials carefully and came to class with prepared questions, I attended each session and contribute to as many discussions as I can. On the whole, it is a test of self-learning ability, thinking ability and cooperation ability. 

Q: Tell Us More About Your Learning Experience at GEC

Because I am not a public health major, I always worried about not being able to keep up, so I came to each class session prepared. I sometimes leave questions on Ed and the Professor always replied in a very timely manner. Her feedback is clear and thoughtful. The class size is rather small, 15 students, we learn in small groups. There are plenty of opportunities to communicate with each other. When each group makes presentations, there is a lot of exchange of ideas. We help each other, have meaningful discussions and healthy debates. The Professor observe each of our performance very carefully.  Her comments are very detailed and respectful. The thing that impressed me the most was when I ended the class, I emailed Sophia to thank her for  throughout the program. The professor quickly replied to me, saying thank you very much for your hard work and encouraging me to keep pursuing my passion. It's not just the title that makes me respect her. She is truely amazing!

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