Upcoming Event: Introduction of GEC’s New Initiative in 2022: Global Competence Development Course

For this month’s Faculty Seminar (September 30th, Friday, 21:00-22:00, Beijing Time),

we will introduce one of our new initiatives in 2022 at GEC - The Global Competence Development Course Project- to address three questions: Why does GEC launch this initiative? What does GEC aim to achieve with this initiative? What are the opportunities this initiative can provide to GEC faculty? We have invited several GEC faculties who are closely involved in this project, who will be attending the meeting and discussing their understanding of “global competence” and also sharing with us their experiences with teaching global competence.

The “Global Competence Development Course” is one of the most important initiatives launched by GEC in 2022, in an effort to cultivate students’ in-depth understanding and practical capability of global competence. We hope to help students improve their working competence in the globalization context. Specifically, the courses are designed with the objectives of promoting their awareness of global competence, developing a positive attitude toward international communication, and enhancing their expertise in dealing with international practice. We have now formed a partnership with more than 35 universities in China to implement the “Global Competence Development Course”, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Zhejiang University. Here lists some of our current course topics: Institutional Operating Mechanisms, Politics, Economics, and Culture and Society-Geographic Focus: Middle East and Africa, Cultural Diversity, Inclusiveness and Remediating Discrimination, Intercultural Understanding and Communication, Negotiations Skills in Different Settings, Public Speaking for Working in an International Organization, Leadership Skills, History and Development of United Nations


For now, we have already designed the 48- class hour Global Competence Development Course Series. We have 6 GEC faculty teaching the courses for this series. For the next step of this project, as we plan to get down to the course development of the Global Competence Development Micro-Major (256 class hours), plenty of new courses and seminars are to be developed. As global competence is a multidisciplinary construct that requires a combination of knowledge and skills in different fields, we would like to welcome all GEC faculty to inspire us with new topics and new focuses on teaching global competence.


If you are interested in our attempts at Global Competence Development with this new initiative, please feel free to contact our academic manager. Once again, a grand welcome to you all to attend next month’s seminar. For participants, please find the Zoom link & RSVP here!