GEC Diary

Each month, we invite one of the members of GEC community, be it colleagues or students, to share their story with us.

Katrina Wang - Faculty Outreach Specialist

In February 2022, we invited Katrina Wang, one of our Faculty Outreach Specialists to share about her working life at GEC Academy.

Edison Yan - CEO & Cofounder of GEC Academy

In January 2022, we invited our Academic committee chair, Edison Yan, to share his story, insights and expectations for 2022.

Nico Shen - GEC Associate Academic Director

In October 2021, we invited Nico Shen, who is currently supervising the faculty outreach and academic management team to say a few words about her professional life at GEC.

Cherrie Tian - GEC Program Coordinator & Director of Teaching Assistant Team

In September 2021, we invited Cherrie Tian, who is the youngest team leader at GEC, to share her growth at GEC.

Wanting Zhao - GEC Academic Writing Instructor

In December 2021, we invited our beloved Academic Writing Instructor Wanting Zhao to share her teaching experience at GEC.

Wendy Niu - IPQ Supervisor & GEC Program Coordinator

In November 2021, we invited one of most popular IPQ Supervisors and Program Coordinators at GEC, Wendy Niu, to share her thoughts about teaching IPQ.