GEC Faculty FAQ

Q: How does your referral mechanism work? If I have a colleague or friend who is interested in teaching with GEC, how do I recommend him/her to you?

A: GEC Academy experienced rapid growth in the past few years. Faculty referral played a key role in our strong growth, and we thank all our professors for your great support. In the rest of 2021 and the upcoming 2022, we are keen to maintain and expand the effective connections with our faculties. We welcome our collaborating faculties to recommend your experienced colleagues, researchers, and education enthusiasts to participate in this great endeavor.

The quickest way to refer a candidate will be going to your designated academic manager. Simply let her/him know that your friend might be potentially interested in cooperating with GEC as well. The academic manager will connect your friend with our Faculty Outreach Managers to proceed. Once the faculty outreach managers are connected with the newly-referred, they will walk the new faculty step by step along the process to establish a partnership--just like how you joined GEC at the beginning! In order to honor your time and effort spent on helping GEC expanding our faculty network, a referral honorarium will be provided as a token of our appreciation.

Due to the dynamic nature of the market, as well as the fact that GEC considers our students' demands, we cannot guarantee the new faculty when his/her program will be launched during the first connection. However, we are always open to discussing more possibilities. It is noteworthy that we are flexible with the commitment that each faculty is able to deliver. Whether it is a Path Academic Online Research Seminar practice, a 1-on-1 individualized research mentorship, cooperation on Independent Project Qualification (IPQ), or other new initiatives, we are happy to offer as many options as possible to our new faculties.