GEC Faculty FAQ

Q: Why are professors suggested diversifying their final project topics? Is there any use for the final project report?

A: After the 7-week online research seminar, many of our students are interested in continuing their study in improving research and writing skills, and enriching their research topics. Some may lack the ability to do research independently, others may lack the knowledge of academic writing and proper format. It is with such high demands from our students we provide an additional 5-week academic writing class, taught by professional Chinese academic researchers. The aims of the writing course are to:

(1) train the students on their academic writing skills;

(2) assist the students with their development of research topics;

(3) help students understand the importance of academic integrity and proper format.

These are essential skills and knowledge that students need when studying in universities. The professional researchers will mentor the students to explore the topics they are interested in based on the core content of the 7-week research seminar. This is the main reason why we ask our professors to design more open-ended courses, so our students would have broader choices of topics to explore further. We hope our students can benefit and learn a lot from such a comprehensive and hybrid program design.