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Starting in March

This month, GEC is running over 50 programs in total. These programs have start dates in March 2023.

PATH Academic Group Research Seminars
In March 2023



Financial Esg

Financial Mathematics




Supply Chain Management/Logistics Management

Computer Science

Game Design

Computer Science

Computer Engineering/Software Engineering

Computer Science

Communication Engineering

Organic Chemistry

Electrical Engineering

Mechanic Engineering





Social Work/Public Health/Public Policy

Gender Studies/Film Arts

Sociology/Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Media Psychology

Education / International Education / Education Policy

  • Investment Banking

  • Corporate Finance and Valuation

  • ESG Investing

  • Time Series Modeling with Applications in Economics and Public Health

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Business Analytics

  • Cognitive Styles and Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

  • Business Analytics with Supply Chain Applications

  • Introduction to Neural Networks

  • Introduction to VR for Game Design and Immersive Storytelling

  • Modern Data Visualization of Big Data

  • Analytical Design and Performance Evaluation

  • Hands-on Machine Learning for Finance and Python

  • Digital Communications

  • Plastic Fantastic – The science behind the coming age of plastic
    electronics from foldable displays to brain machine interfaces

  • Electromagnetism and Circuit Theory

  • Introduction to Robotics

  • Introduction to Chemistry and Typical Reaction Mechanism of Chemistry

  • An Introduction to Therapeutic Vaccination

  • The Atmosphere: Structure, Circulation, and Climate

  • Drug Discovery and Development: Basic steps and recent advancements in treating human disease. Cancer Immunotherapies as an example of
    breakthrough treatments.

  • Introduction to Social Work Research Methods

  • International Feminist Cinema

  • Understanding Entertaiment

  • Learning about the World from Media

  • Media Psychology

  • Comparative Analysis of Education Systems: Theory, Policy, and Research


Universities offering GEC Global Competence Development Courses In March 2023

Dalian University of Technology

Chongqing University

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Southwest Jiaotong University

Northeast Normal University

Renmin University of China

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

University of Science and Technology of China

Zhejiang University

Hainan University

Wuhan University

GuiZhou University of Finance and Economics

GEC Personalized Programs for Universities in March 2023

Nanjing Tech University

  • Global Entrepreneurship

GEC Customized Lectures for Universities in March 2023

Nanjing University of the Arts


Zhejiang University

Luxury Brand Management

Wearable Technology and Fashion

Nothing Less/Nothing More

The Painting of Modern Life: From Impressionism to Post-Impressionism in France

Architectural Interventions for our Wellbeing

Comparative Analysis of Education Systems

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