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Starting in February

This month, GEC is running over 90 programs in total. These programs have start dates in February 2023.

PATH Academic Group Research Seminars
In February 2023


Financial ESG



International Trade


Business Administration

Business Cooperation





Sports Management

Tourism Management

Business Analysis

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science

Computer Science

Information System Management

Electronic Engineering

Fine Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Science


Energy/Carbon Neutral

High Energy Physics

Organism Count

Geology/Earth Science

Applied Mathematics


Synthetic Biology/Bioengineering

Cell Biology

Biomedical Science

Sociology/Media Studies

Gender Studies/Communication Studies

Communication Studies/Journalism

Media Studies

Mpa/Mpp/Political Economy

Social Work/Public Health/Public Policy


Psychology/Cognitive Science

Psychology/Cognitive Science

Pedagogy/International Education

Linguistics/Second Language Acquisition



Comparative Literature

Music Production

Art Curating/Arts Management

Architectural Design

Visual Communication

Fashion Design/Graphic Design

  • Advanced Investments

  • Corporate Finance and Valuation

  • What is a Company Worth?

  • Hedge Funds: Quantitative and Fundamental Investing

  • Business Strategy in the Global Political Economy

  • Consumer Psychology / Consumer Behaviour

  • Economics of Innovation

  • Deal Making and Negotiation i

  • Environmental and Energy Economics: theories and recent dynamics

  • An Introduction to Market Design

  • Analysis of Financial Markets

  • Behavioral economics

  • Global Sports Fandom

  • Digital Pricing

  • Machine Learning for Business Applications

  • Recommender Systems Algorithms: An Introduction

  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

  • Cryptography and Computer Security

  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

  • Machine Learning for Networking

  • 3D Computer Graphics

  • Theory of Computation: automata and coinduction

  • Unlocking the New Potential of Data for Digital Transformation

  • Digital Integrated Circuits (Introduction to VLSI)

  • Nanomaterials

  • Decision and Risk Analysis using Machine Learning

  • Fluid Dynamics – A Numerical Approach

  • Nanoelectronics, Optoelectronics and AI Chip

  • Microbiology Basics: From Isolation to Genetics

  • Pathways and Technologies for Carbon Neutrality

  • Introduction to Particle Phys

  • Statistical data science for public health and biomedicine

  • Remote Sensing and Satellite

  • Fourier analysis and applications

  • Astrophysics and Simulation Methods for Galaxy Formation

  • Synthetic Biology based vacci

  • Novel Clinical Tools for Cartilage Regeneration and Fracture Healing

  • Experimental Cell Biology

  • Fashion, Style, and Power

  • Media, Gender and Identities

  • Digital, Social, and Mobile Media Marketing

  • Marketing Management

  • Politics, Markets and States

  • Introduction to social work research methods

  • Educational Psychology

  • The Psychology of Bad Decisio

  • Introduction to cognitive science, the science of information processing in the mind and brain

  • Comparative Perspectives on S

  • Language Acquisition and Cult

  • Introduction to International Law

  • Multinational Enterprises and

  • Postmodernism: Culture and Theory

  • Audio Engineering and Music Recording

  • Curation and Display in Art & Design

  • Nothing Less/Nothing More

  • Fundamentals of Brand Strategy

  • Fashion Design and Illustration Bootcamp


Universities offering GEC Global Competence Development Courses In February 2023

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

GEC Personalized Programs for Universities in February 2023

Xidian University 

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

  • Computational Complexity Theory 

  • TBD

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